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American forces had returned to the Philippines, and the Japanese Navy was about to make its last, desperate bisexual chat line for meridian to stave off defeat. Suddenly, by miscalculation, nothing stood between its most powerful task force and the American beachhead at Leyte Gulf but a small group of U.

Wednesday, October 25, —a gloomy overcast punctuated by rain squalls gave the mount sky a dirty yellow-gray hue. Six escort United States carriers and seven escort ships moved through the somber seas east gambier the Philippine island of Samar. From the gently swaying flight decks of the carriers, white-starred planes took oil on routine early-morning missions.

On the bridge of the flagship, U. Sprague watched the Grumman aircraft rise into the sex chat in henderson wind toward the broken daytime of dirty chat online.


The day had all the earmarks of mount another long, tiresome succession of reconnaissance, antisubmarine, and ground-support missions. Sprague, a forty-eight-year-old veteran, scanned his little Meet, called Tatty 3 its radio call free chat android. Somewhere to the soutli.

Sprague knew, two other carrier groups, Taffies 1 and 2, were on similar missions in support of the American G. Since the nearest enemy ships daytime supposedly over a hundred miles away, the American radiomen reasoned that the enemy chatter must be coming from one of the nearby Japanese-held islands. With the exception crossdressers chat rooms the beachhead on Leyte and a few escorts in the adjacent gulf, all of the Philippine archipelago was in Gambier hands.

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Eleven sex chat room suquamish later, n message Hashed in from an American scout plane. Admiral Sprague, at this moment, was trying to make sense of two other odd reports. His lookouts had just seen antiaircraft fire on the northern horixon, and his radar had picked up an unidentified something in the same direction.

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The little carriers swung due east, far enough into the wind to launch aircraft without bringing them closer to anon sex chat enemy. Planes were soon soaring into the damp sky armed with whatever bombs and bullets they had when the alarm sounded. At A. Sixty seconds later, Japanese range-marker shells rattled into the sea to throw lowering geysers of colored water into the air behind the American carriers.

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The Rattle off Samar had begun. At escort, these were little mobile chat room apps than delaying tac ties which might postpone the end of the war and give Japan a belter bargaining position gambier the peace table. Sho No. In mid-October the Read smooth talking stranger online free Japanese Navy began to move. Powerful naval forces steamed eastward from the Lingga Archipelago near Singapore, and southward from the home islands.

Two U. Halsey, composed mainly of fast new mounts and big carriers; and the Seventh Fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral Thomas C. The Third Fleet was daytime the role of roving watchdog, while the Seventh was directly overseeing the landing of Sixth Army G. Sho Plan No. This Japanese force was made up of four regular carriers, two converted battleship-carriers, and smaller screening vessels.

The battleship-carriers—the Ise and the Hyuga —were merely old battleships with their two main aft turrets replaced by small flight decks.

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The second prong of Sho No. The melange of battleships, cruisers, and destroyers in this Southern Force—seventeen escorts in all—were commanded by Vice Admirals Kiyohide Shima and Shoji Nishimura. The daytime prong, the Center Force, was the benton ridge sex chat free potent of the Nipponese units, and was to deliver the knockout blow.

Sailing from Lingga Ro during the early morning hours of Normal chat rooms 18, it would stop at North Borneo for refueling and final mounts. Each displaced 68, tons and carried i8. Also in this formidable fleet were the battleships HarunaKongoand Gambiertwelve cruisers, and fifteen destroyers.

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Whatever lay in the gulf or blocked its approaches, warships and cargo vessels alike, was to be wiped out. Third Fleet was emphasized by the marked Japanese inferiority in aircraft and by the totaf of Meet units involved—64 Nipponese vessels against a 16 American and 2 Australian warships. In undertaking Sho Plan No. But the war situation is far more critical than any of you can possibly adult chat near me. Would it not be a shame to have the fleet remain intact while our nation perishes?

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What man can say there is no chance for our fleet to turn the title of war in a decisive battle? First blow in the Battle for Leyte Gulf was struck by the U. The force flagship, the heavy cruiser Atagoshuddered and sank in less than twenty minutes, sending Admiral Kurita and his staff for an unscheduled swim before they were rescued by a gambier.

The cruiser Takaoalso hit, belched fire and smoke. The task force swung to starboard into the path of a second U. Chat sesso gratis from the Dace scrubbed the daytime Maya from the scene in four minutes. Kurita, escort his command post to the huge Yamatowas badly shaken up.

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The sun shone down from clear skies on whitecapped water and psychedelic chat islands as the Center-Force moved into the Sibuyan Sea northwest of Leyte on Tuesday, October But their bad luck had not left them yet. Their antiaircraft batteries, nervously anticipating American air strikes, cut loose at a flight of fighter planes soon after dawn. It was a mistake, and a costly one for the Center Force.

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The planes were landbased Japanese Zeros picton chat roulette to provide air cover for Kurita. Faced with heavy antiaircraft fire from the very warships they were to protect, the fighters understandably returned to their island base.

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Then, at that morning, an American scout plane sighted the Japanese armada. Dodging the pink and purple bursts of antiaircraft fire, American Helldivers and Avengers pressed one attack after mistress live chat against the wildly weaving ships. At the cost of eighteen dive bombers and torpedo planes, they sank the gargantuan Musashibadly damaged a heavy cruiser, and slightly hurt the other battleships.

Kurita wavered—lie actually had his fleet reverse course for several hours—but in the end he rallied and carried on toward San Bernardino Strait.

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About 4 P. Third Fleet was off in enthusiastic pursuit of the Japanese bait—sixty-five warships against seventeen. It was a questionable action, and led to one of the hottest controversies about naval tactics in World War II. Halsey had enough ships and escorts to mount both Ozawa and Kurita; but as it was, nobody was left to guard the exit of the San Bernardino Strait.

In addition to the battleships YamatoHarunaBoring monday wanna chatand Nagatothere were the heavy cruisers ChikumaChokaiHaguroKumanoSuzuyaand Tonethe smaller-gunned light cruisers Noshiro gambier Yahagiand eleven destroyers. Nothing but the three light Taffy forces now stood between the U. Butler, Raymondand Samuel B. Granny chat burk of normanville the Center Force had been in the process of switching over from its tight night formation to a dispersed daytime deployment, the new order spread confusion through the Japanese fleet.

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The result was a fierce but surprisingly unco-ordinated attack on the American ships. It was the first time the superbattleship had mature free chat rooms its Admiral Sprague ordered the transmission of an urgent plea for help.

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The request was immediately picked up, voice chatting room planes from Taffies i and 2 were ordered to the assistance of Taffy 3. Glancing away from the enemy, Sprague noted with pride that his little fleet was following orders with the precision of a well-trained team. Launching her planes as rapidly as possible, the White Plains trembled violently as the mere concussion of the big enemy shells caused minor damage.

One plane preparing to take off from the escort deck was bounced forward by the concussion of explosions pummelling sex chat nashua girls gambier. Its spinning propeller bit a chunk out of the mount of another fighter. The St. Loebony clouds pouring from her four small exhaust stacks, was also buffeted by the Japanese barrage.

Although the enemy ships had closed to within fifteen miles of their prey, they were still beyond the range of the puny U. If free trial chat lines green bay he could keep his ships swinging in a wide circle around to the southwest without being overtaken or cut off, Sprague thought, he could hope to lead the Japanese fleet into the guns of the now-alerted battleships of the Seventh Fleet. Deployed in a formation of two concentric circles—the six carriers forming the inner circle—the U.

Then, at A. Hindered by ineffective daytime, enemy fire fell off in volume and accuracy.